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Frequently Asked Questions 🍂


What is the purpose of this project?

What are the key differences between Ormdantic and Sqlmodel?

(as of August 2022) SQLModel Ormdantic
Multimorphism (being both a pydantic model and a SQLAlchemy model) Inherits from pydantic BaseModel and uses a modified SQLAlchemy base model as its meta-class. Uses a wrapper/decorator to make pydantic BaseModels behave like database tables as well.
Database connection/async Database connection is not built into the main class (SQLModel), but handled by separate equivalents of SQLAlchemy classes and functions (Session and create_engine).

Since the async equivalents are not available in sqlmodel yet, one has to use the original SQLAlchemy ext versions, which is certainly possible, but can be a bit cumbersome until SQLAlchemy 2.0 is released (type checking is also a problem).
Takes a connection string as a constructor parameter and creates sessions internally where needed.

It is "async by default" one might say.
API/Syntax You typically interact with both a Session object and a SQLModel object, e.g.:
hero = Hero()
await session.commit()

It uses the SQLAlchemy syntax.
You interact with the database abstraction:
hero = Hero()
await database["Hero"].insert(hero)

The syntax is similar to PonyORM, which means you can write queries to the database using Python generator expressions and lambdas. It makes the structure similar to writing SQL queries but even easier to understand and integrate.
Background A bit more established and has the benefit of being authored by the creator of FastAPI, so on paper it should be the ORM to use with FastAPI. Unfortunately said creator has a lot on his plate, so sqlmodel may not publish new releases as often as other projects do. Brand new and thus unproven, but could be an exciting alternative.

Thanks for @iron3oxide for the great explanation!

How to Support Project?

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