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Generator Usage

We introduce a new feature called Generator, which is a way to generate a Model instance with random data.

So, Given a Pydantic model type can generate instances of that model with randomly generated values.

using ormdantic.generator.Generator to generate a Model instance.

from enum import auto, Enum
from uuid import UUID

from ormdantic.generator import Generator
from pydantic import BaseModel

class Flavor(Enum):
    MOCHA = auto()
    VANILLA = auto()

class Brand(BaseModel):
    brand_name: str

class Coffee(BaseModel):
    id: UUID
    description: str
    cream: bool
    sweetener: int
    flavor: Flavor
    brand: Brand


so the results will be:

description='ctWOb' cream=True sweetener=234
flavor=<Flavor.VANILLA: 2> brand=Brand(brand_name='LMrIf')

We can integrate this with our database while testing our application (Live Tests).